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Smooth Sailing: Buy, Sell And Lease Commercial Property With Ease And Confidence

Few successful businesses operate out of the trunks of owners’ cars. Commercial real estate transactions become essential when a business requires land and/or bricks and mortar for the production and storage of products and other operating activities.

The lawyers at High Tide Legal Group, PC, near Encinitas, advise clients throughout California regarding commercial real estate law and related matters. Landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers turn to us for help with contracts, inspections, financing, refinancing and regulatory compliance.

Why Work With Our Firm For Commercial Real Estate Matters?

Our lead attorney, Nick Goldberg, has an extensive entrepreneurial background along with a well-respected track record in the practice of business and commercial law. He understands the importance of doing things right the first time around in order to avoid costly mistakes that can hurt a business owner’s bottom line, which is why he often works with a highly skilled team of of-counsel team to resolve matters quickly and effectively. The attorneys at High Tide Legal Group, PC, can assist you with any and all front-end commercial real estate matters including, but not limited to:

  • Commercial real estate selection based on real estate classification
  • Commercial real estate transactions including buy-sell agreements
  • Commercial lease drafting and review
  • Drafting and review of agreements between business owners and land developers
  • Title insurance procurement

For these and other operational needs, well-chosen commercial property is a key ingredient for success in the world of business. We can help businesses and individuals cut through the red tape and achieve their unique goals involving commercial real estate.

Unique Business Venture Representatives Welcome

Many clients of High Tide Legal Group, PC, are engaged in innovative, unique business ventures in San Diego County, elsewhere in Southern California and even statewide. They need land, laboratories and packaging and storage facilities that not only meet their unique needs but adhere to all local, state and federal laws. No matter where you operate your business in California, we can help you.

Because of our extensive experience, unique business owners and managers trust us to not only handle standard real estate needs, but more niche legal matters such as compliance with land use agreements and conditional use permits (CUPs). We make sure we’ve charted a course for our clients so they can successfully navigate all applicable laws and regulations along their journey.

We Are Ready To Work With You Today

Whether you seek to buy, sell, lease as a landlord or lease as a tenant any type of commercial property, turn to a law firm known for efficiency and personalization. Past clients have commended our lawyers for their honesty and pragmatic approach. We are here to help you meet all legal requirements while completing your transactions in accordance with your needs. To schedule a free consultation, call 858-242-4713 or send an email inquiry. We are here for you. We speak your language. We want to see you succeed.